Are you a fan of Lily?  Here’s where we take you behind the scenes and show you aspects of her creation that we are unable to show you on her main site.  After all, on her main site, she’s a 16 year old girl who doesn’t know anything about all of this!

But here, we’ll tell you what our thought processes were, why we made some of the decisions we’ve made, and maybe even go into some details of how she is created!  Hope you like it.

We would advise you NOT to show this to young friends who might be fans and can’t handle it.  We strive, as always, to be family friendly, but we might go a llittle further into some topics that Lily herself wouldn’t be comfortable with.  Also, if you’d prefer to just keep disbelief suspended, feel free to skip this site.

And if you haven’t already, check out Lovely Lily Lives!

Creator Notes – 10/15/2022

Hi, it’s me.  The creator. And this might be the hardest storyline I’ve ever written. First of all, there are no trigger warnings.  Lily is a seventeen year old girl,

Creator Notes – 9/20/2022

Hi! It’s me! The creator! Well, I did it.  I brought Jack to Texas.  On balance I think it was a good move, though it’s also very challenging to me,

Creator Notes – 9/5/22

Hi! It’s me! The creator! Today is my birthday!  I’m forty-mumble-mumble years old.  And for my birthday I got myself a kinect.  And I got it to working with my

9/3/2022 – Creator Notes

HI! It’s me! The creator! Lily is seventeen today.  I haven’t yet posted today’s entry, so I won’t talk a whole lot about it, except to say she had a

Creator Notes – 8/28/2022

Hi! It’s me! The Creator! So yesterday I made the first Lily YouTube I’ve made in a while.  I tweaked the voice, and I got rid of the little snicker

August 17, 2022 – Creator Notes

Hi! It’s me! The creator! I just brought a new Lily body model online.  It addresses quite a few issues that have been bugging me for a while. In a

Creator Notes – 7/28/2022

HI! It’s me! The Creator! Lily is about to head home from Japan, I’ve already got those posts written and scheduled.  She has a lot to say and a lot

Creator Notes – 7/21/2022

Hi! It’s me! The creator! Well, Lily is in Japan and having a blast!  Truth be told, this is a really fun storyline to write – and a very hard

Creator Notes – 7/14/2022

Hi! It’s me! The creator! So tonight starts the “Lily goes to Japan” storyline, and to be honest, writing these kinds of storylines is always a bittersweet thing for me.