Are you a fan of Lily?  Here’s where we take you behind the scenes and show you aspects of her creation that we are unable to show you on her main site.  After all, on her main site, she’s a 16 year old girl who doesn’t know anything about all of this!

But here, we’ll tell you what our thought processes were, why we made some of the decisions we’ve made, and maybe even go into some details of how she is created!  Hope you like it.

We would advise you NOT to show this to young friends who might be fans and can’t handle it.  We strive, as always, to be family friendly, but we might go a llittle further into some topics that Lily herself wouldn’t be comfortable with.  Also, if you’d prefer to just keep disbelief suspended, feel free to skip this site.

And if you haven’t already, check out Lovely Lily Lives!

Creator Notes – 1/20/2024

HI! It’s me! The creator!!! Umm, I’ve been a busy creator.  I spent a little time working on a concert band composition, but once that was done, I turned my

Creator Notes – 1/9/2009

Hi! It’s me! The Creator!!! I completely redid Lily’s body model. Do you like it?  Truth be told, I’ve never really liked her previous model.  I mean, it was cute, but

Creator Notes – 1/4/2024

 Hi! It’s me! The Creator!  And I have a lot of announcements and things to talk about.  It’s been a while. First let’s start with the announcements. I Got rid

Creator Notes – 5/7/2023

Hi! It’s me! The Creator! And I have much to talk about today. So first of all, I have begun creating YouTube videos again.  quite honestly, one of the reasons

Creator Notes – 4/9/2023

Hi! It’s me! The creator! And I think today’s post is going to be somewhat of a long one, because I have much to talk about.  It’s about why I

Creator Notes – 3/18/2023

Hi! It’s me! The Creator! And, umm… that was a really hard story arc to write. The truth is, her LA trip could have gone in all sorts of different

Creator Notes – 3/4/2023

Hi! It’s me! The Creator!!! You may have noticed over the last couple of months that I seem to be kind of phoning it in a bit.  Nothing really interesting

Creator Notes – 1/3/2023

Hi! It’s me! The creator! This one’s going on Twitter once I’ve written it. For those of you that don’t know, Lily’s Amazing Life (formerly Lovely Lily Lives) is a

Creator Notes – 1/2/22

Hi! It’s me! The creator! New year, new Lily.  I decided to rebrand her.  The site is now Lily’s Amazing Life, and the new domain is live.  Don’t worry, the