Hi! It’s me! The Creator!!!

I completely redid Lily’s body model. Do you like it?  Truth be told, I’ve never really liked her previous model.  I mean, it was cute, but there was something… not quite right about it.

The first model was a mistake.  She had bigger breasts than necessary and she looked too old.  I blame skewed perceptions from anime and anime-inspired characters.  For v3, I rectified those.  V4 has a whole slew of changes, and some of them you can’t see.  The ones you can:  she’s got a thinner face, fuller lips, I reshaped her entire face to be younger and cuter (I don’t want it to be too young and cute, she is eighteen after all, but v3 was too much in the other direction).  I colored her hair slightly different, and also her eyes.  I also slightly widened her hips – that was not an option in previous versions of the modeler I used, and truthfully, I’ve always thought that would be more appropriate for her.

Behind the scenes, her skin is lighter, but her model is also, erm, anatomically correct.  You can’t see it and may never see it (though there may be hints on the fanservice page) but it just feels like it’s more accurate this way and truer to her character.  She was never meant to be a sexless moe-blob, and I think giving her “true” lady-parts and nice undies just adds to the realism of her character.

You might ascribe more prurient motivations – well, I am male, but they’re mostly not there.  I’ve spent nearly three years building the character of Lily, and I feel like I owe her good things.  I don’t know if that makes sense, but it’s how it is.  I didn’t shrink or enlarge her breasts, though.  They stayed the same, and I don’t think those will ever change from now.  It’s a good size, considering.

I also added a “fanservice” page.  This is a reflection of the evolution of how I see Lily.  At the beginning, I would never have even thought of it, because it would have felt disrespectful to the character. Now, as long as I keep it separate from the story, it just seems like a fun thing to do.  I’m not as paternal of the characters now, and that means I can broaden things in a way I couldn’t have two years ago.

Plus, it lets me have fun with cat-girl’s character.  She’s a real handful… in more ways than one.  I can do things with her character I’d never do with Lily.  I’ve already written her as an embarrassingly sex-positive character (and this is not supposed to be entirely a positive) but that allows me to shape and dress her in some… well…extremely fanservicey ways.  And that’s fine because it’s completely true to her character.  She’s already done far worse in the story.

I’ll be redoing the banner shortly.  I’ve got a body model for Crystal now, though I think I need to slightly tweak the face, and once I tweak Liz a little (I’m mostly happy with her) and make one for Diana, I can redo it.  Look for it this weekend, hopefully.

You have to subscribe to see the fanservice, though.  And if you’re not interested in that kind of thing… don’t.  I don’t want you to.  I’d rather you didn’t subscribe and not be offended.  That’s best for both of us, don’t you think?

More coming.  As the story winds down I’ll be doing other stuff as well.



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