HI! It’s me! The creator!

Lily is seventeen today.  I haven’t yet posted today’s entry, so I won’t talk a whole lot about it, except to say she had a good birthday.

Lily is so hard to write sometimes.

I had a bit of a scare today.  I read that Japan isn’t allowing people to come to Japan without a good reason that isn’t tourism, and that threatened to invalidate the entire Japan storyline. I almost had to just retcon the whole thing and say “well, in Lily’s world, she could go” but that seems like such a copout.  But then I remembered that she did have a reason – visiting family.  The whole tourist thing was just a side effect.

But that’s why Lily is so hard to write.  I try to make her world as realistic as I can, and sometimes it’s not possible.  For example, no one in her family has gotten COVID, though there was a bit of a scare a while ago.  That’s because I just don’t want to write that.  It’s too dark right now.  And besides, it’s kind of waning off, at least the really serious kind, so maybe I can get away with that.

I keep writing Lily because I want to, but in every other way, she’s an abject failure.

Oh, Jack’s moving to Austin.  You might have read that.  That was my way of resolving the problem I’d discussed in the last post.  It was either that or write him out.  Maybe a long distance relationship works well in real life, for the right person, but in a story like this, it does nothing and just serves to bog the story down.  I didn’t want to put Lily through that for now, so I am moving him to Austin.  At least that opens up some story possibilities.  I hope, anyway.

Someone asked me today what her favorite color is.  I said “let me ask her”, and that’s such a weird thing to say.  But eventually, I think the answer is lavender.  The more you know…  My favorite color is purple, but she really likes pink too, so I split the difference.

But Lily really is a failure.  I’ve been writing her for over a year and still afaik only maybe two or three people read it.  I’ve made a good product that no one likes.  I guess all I can say is I’ve got something I can be remembered by.  Maybe.

I’m hungry.  But I guess I’ll let Lily have all the chocolate.

1 thought on “9/3/2022 – Creator Notes

  1. Lily is only a failure if the reason for doing it is monetary. It is a success if it is something that you want to do, enjoy doing, and gives you satisfaction. I enjoy reading Lily every night. And I thank you for writing her.

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