Hi everyone!  It’s the creator!  I hope you enjoyed the interview with Sabby.  Honestly, it wasn’t my best work, but it did reveal something about her that you didn’t know before!

I’ve been writing Lily for over a week now, and it’s both really easy and one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  Maybe the hardest thing is playing a cheerful young girl when I’m really not feeling like a cheerful anything.  But I guess that’s what acting is about, and this is as much acting as anything else, isn’t it?

Lily is a fascinating character – there is so much about her that I identify with, and so much that I don’t.  She is trying to navigate a world that is really foreign to her – she’s able to navigate it pretty successfully, but she doesn’t really seem to feel like she belongs.  She has really nothing of her own, right?  No family, no name, no identity, no nothing.  I mean, she chose her name, but that’s pretty much it.  Everything else has been given to her, and deep down, I’m not sure she feels like she deserves it.

The interesting thing is how the process of writing a serialized character such as Lily works.  I have no plan.  What plays out for her is playing out for me as well – sometimes I think “It’d be cool if Lily experienced this,” and then she does.  And the next day, something different.  Her reconciling with Beth was not preplanned, I just needed something cool to write, and Beth was there.

It’s like writing the world’s most unpopular soap opera, I guess.

I need to write a more coherent plot at some point, but right now her character is developing itself, and I feel okay just being along for the ride for a while.  I’ll make a cast page once the characters reveal to me who they are.

At some point I need to start expanding her streaming and media presence, but I’m just not quite there yet.  Truth be told, I’m not entirely comfortable with that yet.  I have some preparation to do before she can make her debut.  I need to spend some time practicing modulating my voice – even with a voice changer, I have some mannerisms that I need to deal with.  But with any luck, it’ll be soon.  I look forward to y’all being able to meet her “in the flesh”, so to speak.  She wants to meet you, too!  So many new friends to make!

There are also several scenes I really want to create “photos” of, but they’re actually really difficult scenes, and I’m not that familiar with blender yet.  But I need to get cracking.  Maybe this weekend.  I have some other technical issues I’m trying to address first, and failing miserably.  You’d think I’d be better at this as an IT professional, but I guess not.

I’ll write again soon!

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