Writing Lily is not easy sometimes.  I’m not going to pretend it’s a full time job, because it isn’t.  But in some ways it could be.

I don’t do a lot of research for Lily.  Usually it works out.  I have a pretty wide breadth of knowledge on lots of little things, and some of that shows here.  But I make mistakes too.  I don’t, for example, know what the procedure for getting a driver’s license as a teenager is, in Texas.  And I looked that up, but only after I started writing that storyline.  So there are some inaccuracies.  I can go back and edit them, or I can just let the inaccuracies stand.  I haven’t decided which I’m going to do.  But there are little mistakes like that littered throughout the last six months of posts, and it bugs me.

And there is a kind of ebb and flow to the story, too.  The time starting with the Orlando storyline, and ending around New Years, had the revelations and drama coming fast and furious, but the last month has been pretty quiet.  It’s nice to give Lily a bit of peace and quiet, but that doesn’t make for a very fun story.  There are lots of plot points that need to be wrapped up before the story (in this form) ends.  Who adopted her?  What happened to her memory?  Where did her trust fund come from?  And there are also lots of fun things that she is going to do.  Like go to Japan!  And Ohio!  I’m looking forward to writing all those things.

Lily is, obviously, not me.  I’m a single guy in my mid 40s who has rarely even interacted with children, and generally made a right mess of it when I tried.  But she’s a part of me, and she’ll always be a part of me.  Maybe she’s that happy, bubbly part of me that could have existed at one time and got squashed out.  Maybe she’s that feminine part of me that all men have and are afraid to show.  Maybe she’s my way of working out things that bother me.  Maybe she’s all of the above, and more besides.  But I like writing her.  I just wish more people liked reading her.

Lily is a good girl with the best of intentions which don’t always pan out, but that’s okay.  She’s human, too, like the rest of us.


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