Ay yo o ay!

It’s your friendly neighborhood creator here!  Can you believe I’ve been doing this for over a month?  Some days it’s been hard.  I find it really difficult sometimes to suspend my natural morbidity and play a cheerful girl.  I guess that’s shown a bit, huh?  But I still got her through it.  I’m not so lucky some days.  Oh, please note:  while this whole site is kid-friendly, these notes are slightly less kid-friendly than Lily’s diary, so discretion, please.  I may explain some things that I deliberately left out in the diary itself

What I’m most surprised by is the development of Sabby’s character!  It’s not like this is going to become the Sabby show or anything, but she is surprising me with her depth.  She was originally supposed to just be an adult figure for Lily, but she… well… became an adult figure for Lily.  Just in ways I didn’t expect.  She doesn’t like to show weakness or be weak, but Lily is kind of pulling that out of her.  She’s not too happy with that, but she also loves that about Lily.  Sabby doesn’t often get to be vulnerable, and Lily understands, just a little bit.

Dave is still kind of the clumsy middle-aged father type figure who can have pressure-washer accidents, but I need to explore his character a bit as well.  I wonder what his back story is?

The actual name for the “kawaii” fashion I was referring to is “loli”, or “lolita” fashion.  In Japanese culture, they’ve coopted the word to just mean “childish” or “girlish”, but with a kind of adult-ish overtone.  It has very different connotations in English, so I decided to pull that word out of Lily’s lexicon for the time being.   Some of those dresses, etc., are really beautiful, detailed, and intricate, and it’s a really interesting subculture – which, being a guy, I could realistically not have any part of.  But, I think it might interest Lily.  We will see if anything comes of that.  If so, it might make for some interesting renderings.

I have a week of vacation coming up, and along with other things I need to deal with, I plan on spending some time rendering Lily, or streaming, or something.  So let’s see how this turns out! I need to figure out how to market her without being obnoxious about it.  I’m not good at that.  Sigh.


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