Hi!  It’s me!  The creator!

I’ve been sick.  I had some major dental work done and have been in significant pain for two weeks – it’s receding a bit now but it’s still been really frustrating.  And then I got my booster and flu shots on Friday, and have had a fever ever since.  I wonder if things will ever feel normal again.

Anyway, I’m really excited for the direction that Lily is going to take over the next month or two – I have a blockbuster storyline planned.  You’ll love it.  Expect significant character growth, significant story advancement, and there’s a scene I’m really looking forward to writing.  I’ve given hints already, quite a few if you know where to look.

I have added another category – PG.  I will never go above PG in this story (at least not for a very long time, and if I choose to go that direction, I will think it through very carefully), but I added it because there are some scenes I would really feel more comfortable if parents read first and maybe discuss with their child if they feel appropriate.  Like Lily says, life is messy sometimes.  Don’t worry.  Lily will be fine.  I have no intentions of killing any main characters off anytime soon, or causing them any significant damage.  (Dave is still prone to pressure washing accidents, the silly billy).  Think of it on the level of one of those “Very Special Episodes” that “Blossom” used to always have.

It is coming time that I start to promote Lily.  I am not sure how, but I am happy enough with the product, and have enough content, that I think I can be proud of promoting her.  I just have to find the right, character appropriate, way of doing it.

This is a wonderful medium to write in.  I don’t really plan all that much, just some of the important stuff, but somehow it all works out, and I honestly like discovering things about Lily at the same time that you do.  It’s funny how that works out.  I set the general direction of her life, but within that, sometimes the characters really do surprise me!

Oh oh oh, I gave a very strong clue about where she lives the other day.  Didja pick up on it?  Now, to be fair, any city has many suburbs and neighborhoods and stuffs, so It won’t be the easiest to narrow it down, but still.

I do think I need to revamp the archives of this site.  It’s not quite how I want it.  But I have time.  I also plan on going back and adding headers and very light editing to the historical posts – but I won’t change anything significant.  There are very few plot holes, but there are a couple, and I need to close them up.

I don’t have many readers at the moment.  I hope that changes soon.  But those of you who are keeping up, thank you.

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