I have failed.  Lily has failed.

Oh, that’s not to say I’m giving up on her.  I think there’s still something really good here, and I think there is certainly something to be learned here, and with a bit of course correction this can be recovered from.  But right now, Lily is a failure.

I have been writing Lily for something like seven months now, and she still has almost no regular readers.  Her YouTube channel has one subscriber, and that’s a relative of mine.  She gets almost no views, no exposure, no nothing, even though everyone who I’ve shown her to thinks she’s really great.  But I’ve failed.  She’s a failure.  I don’t know how to recover from this.

And it’s made worse that I’m starting to make continuity errors.  There’s a glaring one between her diary and YouTube channel for last week, and it’s so big that I’m not even sure how to fix it.  It’s impossible to fix without deleting a diary entry and YouTube video, and that may end up what I do today.  But this is a problem.  A huge problem.

I don’t know where to take her, now.  But I’ve failed with her, and I’ve failed her.

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