Hi!  It’s me!  The creator!

Ok, so biggest news is, I redid Lily’s diary.  Some of the changes are cosmetic, some are a bit more substantial.  As lily said in her bonus post today, the purpose for doing this is to reduce friction.  I don’t think it’s entirely there, but it’s a lot closer than it was.  I also changed the site to look a little more like I imagine a 16 year old’s site would look, and to make it look a little more like a diary.  I guess I can’t completely remove the semi-professional design aspects, but again, it’s about reducing friction, and one type of friction is obstacles to suspending disbelief (it took me far too long to remember that phrase, sigh).

So hopefully that should help a bit.

I also changed Lily’s body model a bit.  One might think that Lily’s legs were a bit long because I found her attractive that way, and that’s not, well, really true (I haven’t done anything to deliberately make her ugly).  But I wanted to deliberately give her a couple of things to be insecure about – the length of her legs and the roundness of her face were those things.  But, maybe I made them a bit too long.  So in her new body model, her legs are still long, but a little bit more normally abnormal (that sounds like something she’d say, doesn’t it?)  It was brought to my attention that that makes it hard for teenagers to identify with her, so I tweaked that a bit.

You might be surprised to hear it, but I’m very protective of Lily’s appearance and innocence.  I could make some pretty horrible choices if I chose, and I’m perfectly free to do that if I wanted, after all, I am her creator.  There are many, many items of clothing on booth.pm, some of which are of a decidedly adult nature, and it would be a simple matter to dress her in stuff that’s a bit more, well, fetishistic.  But I deliberately don’t do that.  I want her to be like a slightly more idealized version of everygirl.  And there are just some things she wouldn’t wear.  Though for April Fools…  who knows.  I have some ideas on what to do for that day.

That’s not do say she doesn’t get up to a bit of hanky-panky with Jack.  If you’re on Patreon, you know that.  She definitely experiments like many girls her age do, and, well, she’s not entirely opposed to a bit of semi-adult fun with her boyfriend.  But even then, she’s very cautious, and there’s a line she refuses to cross.  After all, think of how she was born!  She doesn’t want to end up in that same situation, and who could blame her?

All this to say, I think very carefully about how I approach her character and what I do with her.   Frankly, if I ever get to the point where she’s doing soft porn or something stupid like that, you’ll know I’ve entirely given up on the whole idea.  Perish that thought.  She’s too much like my own daughter now to consider that kind of thing.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to today.  She’s been youtubing, but that’s still something I’m not entirely comfortable with.  But, maybe I’ll figure something out.  It’s still a very interesting and educational experience.  I’m both looking forward to and dreading the day that I get contacted by a teenager who wants to interact with her on her own terms.  I’ve heard stories about the kinds of things about their lives teenagers can reveal in those circumstances, and that would be a really hard thing to navigate.  But I guess in the end it would be rewarding if Lily can help.

Bye!  (Lily says Love you all!!! That’s not me.  I don’t say that.  I’m, strange as it may seem, not Lily.  🙂 )

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